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Baswa-Bandiqui, Dausa District, Rajasthan
Aquifers Delineation
In the area, aquifers occur:
in the sand and gravel layers overlying the hard rocks in the Quaternary alluvium,
in the weathered zones, and
in the underlying fractured zones in the hard rocks.
For modelling, the system is broadly represented as a two layer aquifer system, consisting of an upper alluvial aquifer as layer-1 and a lower crystalline aquifer as layer-2. The numerical model is simulated using Modflow software. The model domain comprises 88 columns and 56 rows with a cell size of 0.5 x 0.5 km. Refinement in this model is being done with additional inflow of data from exploratory drilling, geophysical surveys, pumping tests and other field observations. The calibrated and the final simulated model shall be used for ground water management in the watershed.
Figure 4.28: Numerical model
Figure 4.29: Schematic view of aquifers disposition in Baswa-Bandikui area.