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Lower Vellar, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
Aquifers Delineation
Aquifers in the area can be found as:
Unconfined Aquifer or Phreatic, 2 to 30m thick.
Semi-confined Aquifer, occurring at a depth of 40 to 100 m.
Confined Aquifer, including upper confined (100-140m bgl) and lower confined (below 140m bgl) aquifers.
A lignite bed, occurring around 100m depth, separates the semi-confined aquifer from the confined aquifer.
Schematic view of the aquifer systems in the area.
On the basis of borehole data, the following fence diagram of Cuddalore district and regional hydrogeological framework have been drawn by CGWB.
Figure 6.6: Fence diagram, Cuddalore District.
Figure 6.7: Regional hydrogeological framework.