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Lower Vellar, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
Challenges and Way Forward
The key groundwater management issues in the area are the following:
Sustainability of the present groundwater abstraction, which requires water budgeting of each aquifer, and
Controling the saline water intrusion, from the present shore area to inland fresh ground water in the multi-level aquifer system.
Availability & sustainability of ground water resources of shallow and deeper aquifers.
Challenges and way forward for aquifer mapping in the area are the following:
Comprehensive delineation of the aquifers requires the application of geophysical methods, which present the following challenges:
Identification of deeper freshwater aquifers under thick saline water saturated top zone in the coastal tract, and
Delineation of deeper freshwater aquifers overlain by conductive lignite bed.
  To overcome these challenges, it is necessary to have a conceptual understanding of the area and to apply accordingly a combination of geophysical techniques.
Placing site-specific ground water instrumentation to study variations in water levels, estimate aquifer parameters, and undertand recharge and discharge processes for all aquifers in the area
Individual aquifer wise groundwater budgeting, and assessment of sustainable abstraction potential.
Study of groundwater quality variation in the multi-aquifer system and monitoring on a continuous basis through an appropriate technology.
Aquifer mapping will provide the scientific basis for improved groundwater management in the area in partnership with stakeholders, in particular for maintaining sustainable abstraction levels in all aquifers and limiting sea water intrusion.