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Parts of Thar Desert, Rajasthan
Challenges and Way Forward
The key groundwater management issues are the following:
The area suffers from high salinity and high fluoride at some places. The interface between fresh and saline ground water is crucial in developing the ground water resources.
The area suffers from very low rainfall which is the main source for ground water.
Challenges and way forward for aquifer mapping in the area are the following:
More data is to be generated in respect of aquifer disposition, potential, sustainability and quality for the study area since its availability is meagre at present.
As water levels are deep, identification and delineation of productive aquifers with fresh ground water is becoming essential.
Due to various limitations in the conventional geophysical surveys in identifying deeper potential aquifers and also the deep fresh – saline ground water interface, an integrated geophysical survey is planned to meet the challenges in the desert environment.
Chemical quality of all aquifers needs to be ascertained.
Aquifer mapping will provide the scientific basis for improved identification of areas with better groundwater quality.
Development of Aquifer Information System on aquifer geometry, ground water availability and its chemical quality in space and time for better ground water management and regulation practices.