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Parts of Tumkur District, Karnataka
Aquifers Delineation
There are two main aquifer systems:
Shallow: The shallow system consists of weathered zone and the contiguous semi-weathered and fractured zones. The aquifer in the shallow levels, varying in thickness from 5 to 40 m, is under unconfined conditions. Saturation level of this shallow aquifer is reported to be very low and is attributed to overexploitation of ground water in the watershed.
Deeper fractured zones: It is the main aquifer system in the watershed. From the hydrogeological studies and the exploratory drilling information, it is observed that there exists two main fractured zones between 60 & 75 m bgl and the second one from 140 to 150 m bgl.
More detailed investigation is to be carried out to delineate the broad aquifer system over the entire watershed for the assessment of ground water potential with a higher resolution at a micro or nano watershed level.
Figure 2.19: Schematic view of aquifers in hard rock terrains.