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Chandrabhaga Watershed , Nagpur District, Maharashtra
Aquifers Delineation
Aquifers in the area can be found in the:
Weathered zones,
Vesicular basalts, and
Joints and fractures in massive basalts of the Deccan Trap flows, and
Gondwana Sandstones.
Within 200m depth, two to three potential aquifers are expected in the Deccan trap, separated by massive basalts, and in the underlying Gondwana sediment. The thickness and the hydraulic properties of these aquifers vary spatially. Presently, the disposition of the interface between Deccan trap and the Gondwana sediment is not known. The precise demarcation of boundary between basalt and Gondwana aquifer would help in planning and deployment of appropriate drilling rig for tapping the potential ground water aquifer occurring below hard rock.
Figure 3.19: Schematic view of aquifers in Deccan trap and underlying Gondwama sediment.