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Watershed , Patna District, Bihar
Aquifers Delineation
The area is characterized by the occurrence of various grades of sand admixed with kankars in alluvial sediments forming fairly prolific aquifers. There are mainly two aquifer systems (up to a depth of 200m), separated by lenticular beds of clay ranging in thickness from 3m to 20m. The thickness and the hydraulic properties of these aquifers vary spatially. The groundwater is unconfined in the shallow aquifers and occurs under semi-confined to confined conditions at depth.
On the basis of available hydrogeological studies, including geophysical studies and groundwater exploration, the aquifer geometry can be delineated as shown below.
Figure 1.20: Schematic view of aquifer dispositions in Patna area.
Figure 1.21: Fence diagram of the north-eastern part of the watershed (based on CGWB wells).