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Methodology  Aquifer Management
Artificial recharge through check dam
Source: CGWB, http://cgwb.gov.in/photogallery.html
Based on the results of aquifer mapping and modeling, CGWB implements a follow up program for aquifer management, focusing on participatory groundwater management plans. The definition of management plans involves stakeholders and takes into account local water issues and socioeconomics characteristics. It is done at the village or watershed level to arrive at an effective solution. A clear picture of the aquifers in each area, including aquifer-wise water budgeting and water availability and quality in pre- and post-monsoon periods, is provided to the stakeholders.
Aquifer management plans include for example:
Provisions on groundwater abstraction for improving the water balance in the watershed,
Identification of areas for artificial recharge,
Identification of alternative sources for water supply, in particular in geogenically contaminated areas where contamination-free aquifers identified through aquifer-mapping could be tapped.