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Drilling Chief, Chadrabagha
Credit: Peter Martin
Capacity Building is a process to increase the skills, infrastructure, and resources of individuals, organizations and communities for a particular goal. The ultimate goal of village level aquifer-based groundwater management requires capacity building for all the associated activities at all stages and levels within and outside the government.
During the pilot study on aquifer mapping for aquifer-based management, the focus is on capacity-building of CGWB and other Central and State agencies in applying scientific methodologies for aquifer mapping. To achieve this, training modules are imparted from the beginning of the project, including national and international trainings and study tours.
Under the National Project on Aquifer Management Programme, the capacity building programme will mainly focus on development of participatory approaches for aquifer-based management by increasing the communities’ knowledge on groundwater. Communities should be able to take collective action for management, conservation, and augmentation of groundwater at the local level. The capacity building programme components will be implemented by Central and State agencies, by academics and by NGOs working under the guidance of a coordinating agency.