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Methodology  Overview
The methodology for the pilot study of aquifer mapping is shown in the flow chart below.
The objectives of aquifer mapping are to:
Define aquifer geometry at 1: 50,000, and 1:10,000 scale in identified areas, type of aquifers, ground water regime behavior, hydraulic characteristics, and hydrochemistry of aquifer systems.
Assess recharge and discharge areas and ground water resources, both dynamic and In storage.
Develop a robust and appropriate methodology for aquifer mapping by using standard and advanced techniques in an integrated approach.
Develop a database with a dynamic system for sustainable management of ground water resources (in conjunction with surface water), aquifer-wise.
The pilot study is implemented by MoWR and CGWB in six areas in selected typical hydrogeological environs of the country as presented here. This pilot study will enable to build the methodology for scaling up investigations for the National Project on Aquifer Management for the entire country.