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Groundwater is a common pool resource and therefore participation of stakeholders is key to sustainable and effective management of groundwater. In turn, effective participation of stakeholders relies on awareness raising and sustained information sharing.
Stakeholders range from small farmers and households to local elected bodies and industries. Their participation will be foremost during the stage of participatory aquifer-based groundwater management. As effective aquifer-based groundwater management has to be done at the village level or watershed level, local Panchayats will be important actors to mobilize. Representatives will be trained about the basics of aquifer properties in their area, the constraints and how they can exploit the aquifers without detrimental effects on the life of the aquifer even under adverse conditions.
Key actors for participatory groundwater management.
During the initial stages of the pilot study, the focus is on awareness raising and on involving the local people in regular water levels monitoring.
CGWB has been conducting ground water management training for district functionaries and mass awareness raising events for more than a decade. It has been campaigning for water conservation techniques for many years.
The pilot study envisages similar programs with emphasis on management of basic aquifer units for the stakeholders, as a part of their capacity building by State Government Institutions and Non-Government Organisations (NGO).
Mass awareness for women
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